For a Moment

July 2, 2009
By jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
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Live everyday like it's your last day on Earth - because you never know when it just might be.

For a moment I
took a walk in the
rain, not knowing where I was

I wanted to escape life
I wanted to escape all the negativity
in my life
I wanted to escape school,
fake friends
my big brother
that only brings problems in my life

I arrived at the lake and took
a walk in the rain
my hood wasn’t on and
the rain was on my face
the cold drops on my face
were refreshing

School is a drag everyday
it gets worse and worse
learning stuff I know we will
never need to learn in life
I wanted to escape the fake friends
I surrounded myself with
fake friends that were
only there to make you think
they cared about you when
they really don’t give a *** about you
and make your life a living hell

My big brother brings more negativity
than I need
he’s living with me and my parents
with his daughter and at age 28
he still needs my mom
Was he suppose to set the good example
in life or am I suppose to set the example
by being the only one of my parent’s kids
to go to college

Sometimes my iPod is my sanctuary
listening to the lyrics of the rebel Avril Lavigne I
feel that she knows me better than anyone
and listening to the beats of Lady GaGa
when I feel that I can’t handle life anymore

At the lake I saw a family of geese
mommy goose first then her kids
in single file
then in the rain I saw the church and
wanted to go in to be alone

I wanted to be the only person
on this earth
I wanted to be alone for awhile
I wanted to be the only one feeling
the rain

I went to the church and
waited for the Good Lord
to make me feel better

As I left the church,
the rain was still coming down
on me
but I didn’t care
I put my hood on and left
because I knew where I was going

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote when I was fragile and I have to get what I was feeling out.

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