Time Proved

July 2, 2009
By DEZIILEZII BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Time spent in this
Proved worthless
Such a waste
And to you
We can pull through this
But to me it's pointless
Just a mistake
You cheated and found someone new
It would have been different
If he had a clue
A general idea of responsiblity
But lets be real
You left me because You're selfish
Not because he's better than me
You couldn't do better
But I sure as hell can
You're a mile stone in my past
I used to run from my past
Now I just laugh
What a poor excuse
You were for true love
You're no where near my maturity
In fact you're not even on a scale of maturity
Time spent in this
Proved worthless
And to you it was worth it
But to me
It was just a mistake
It was pointless

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