The Tumble Weed

July 2, 2009
By Kilian BRONZE, Pueblo, Colorado
Kilian BRONZE, Pueblo, Colorado
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The tumble weed roles by,
Going so many diffrent places,
Wet, dry, low and high,
But does the tumble weed notice things start to change,
Does the tumble weed drown in sorrow,
Or is it onethat embraces?

Will the tumble weed notice the bags,
And bottles and backpacks that invade its roaming grouds,
does it ever wonder how its land went from,
Grass, plains, rocks and flowers,
To roads, building and towers?

When the tumble weed see's that abondoned car,
Does it worry if theres more,
No it braces,
And phalanges,
With the other tumble weeds.

In a hope to protest t does this,
Becuase the tumble weed knows it can't graze for much longer,
You see its land is being manipulated by a monger,
Who is destroying his land,
Without care of wa will happen to the little tumble weed,
But still the tumbl weed challenges this man,
So that other tumble weeds may role by,

Let me ask you this agian,
And please awnser with thoughts of kin,
Does the tumble weed notice things start to change,
Does it drown in sorrow,
Or is it one that embraces?

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