The End of the World

July 2, 2009
By Anonymous

It's the end of the world
We found frozen freeway streets, punctuation dramatically black
You can't be my ex-boyfriend now...
It's the end of the world
We relive our brushes with fame, expanding tastes like palm tree blood and hexagonal eyes
...Ignoring all the things we've never seen
It's the end of the world and I found your face in my mirror
I found your face and it expected me to turn green, off-white, and speckled brown just to revolve around your light
It's the end of the world and my parents' house is eerie and green, spun squat while unleashing all the bad memories
Seething at you
I never planned to make you the epitome.
Or maybe I did, like it described in this book that I read that snap-clicked "you" in my brain
Maybe I knew...
It's the end of the world and we drink toxic things in hollowed trees
They were all so "significant," those ideas
It's the end right now and we will never die and we mold our own doctrine from sounds we remember in the streets
We will never die and we howl and run like a two-person pack down Main, chalk board-screeching feet and "no one can hear you scream."
We own infinity and ride it on lukewarm days when we need closure
We will never die and we swing on lines in shopping malls and cathedrals covered in our origami, three thousand paper planes
Three wishes.
Don't let me down.
All of everything is deflated and cool-colored in madness
A steady diet of sugar, sex, flannel, lined paper, and everything we couldn't have
We scream our souls out and back again
We are pop-up books
We are brown hands pulling down the tall, white buildings that house our hate
We are a mess on Olivia's lawn, the scarlet letter "A" splattered and burned under your drunken hand
It's the end of the world and the inhalation of spray paint does not affect the followers of our religion, those who seep their cotton skin in ink and scratch memories into their palms, poured over with well-wasted alcohol
"Never forget."
Never forget and always remember
Always remember
Remember as we fold up for the time in weeks that we are not simply friends or enemies or lovers or our own sick, patented, mutant combination
Please remember: the fetal position always was underrated.
Please remember as we sink down into sleep only to blink back to consciousness with a hunger for the cheap things roasted fine, the ice and the Tundra
Please remember
We are civilization
No matter who else is around

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