The End.

July 1, 2009
By Danii Castillo BRONZE, Prineville, Oregon
Danii Castillo BRONZE, Prineville, Oregon
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You meant more than the world to me.
You opened my eyes to what I could never see.
You always told me forever,
But in my mind it was always going to be never.
I gave you my heart,
I gave you my soul,
But all you wanted was to control.
Now all your promises are nothing,
I almost resorted to cutting.
You left me with hurt,
I could never deserve.
It all happened so fast,
My heart shattered like glass.
Now im finally happy,
But you won't see that happening.
Now you call or text me
Just so you can test me.
Push me as far as you can,
But it still won't prove your a man.
Im done with the days of crying,
Because of all your lying.
The day you said "I love you"
is the day I wish I could run too.
We were so happy,
As we just sat there laughing
But all those times
Were nothing but lies.
Maybe if you weren't a ***
You could handle the truth.
You tell me you want to be more than friends
And all I could say was "this is the end".

The author's comments:
I went thru a break-up that I nearly killed me and then he decided after I got happy he wanted me back this is my story of what happened.

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