Broken Promises

July 1, 2009
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Out of the corner of her baby brown eyes she saw
The suitcase
Her dad squeezed her tight and said he had to leave
It wasn’t right for him
There was somewhere he had to go.
She looked at him and held his leg.

I promise not to cry
Or watch too much t.v.
I wont eat all your fries
And I’ll finish all my greens.
I’ll never ask for anything
I promise I’ll be good.

Please just don’t leave daddy

She wished he understood

One day she met Prince charming
They planned to run away
When that grown up girl saw the suitcase from the
Corner of her eye
He said he had some things to do
That something else was out there
Her eyes filed with tears
She whispered in his ear

I promise not to cry

Or want to much from you
I won’t move away from here

And I’ll love you more than I should
I’ll never ask for anything

I promise I’ll be good

Please just don’t leave my love

If only he’d understood

One night alone and in her bed she picked the
Silver blade
She left a note for those who cared
And wished it wasn’t too late.

I promise not to cry anymore

Or believe in fairytales
I never was quite good enough

And I only wanted you
I only asked for two things

I promise this didn’t hurt

Please just forget me cruel world

I only wish I understood

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