Moving On

July 1, 2009
By katalina29 BRONZE, Lodi, New Jersey
katalina29 BRONZE, Lodi, New Jersey
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Do you ever think of me like I think about you?
Do you ever reminisce of all that we been through?
So many thoughts, so many words, unspoken.
So many commitments, so many promises, broken.
I never thought that it could end like this.
I never thought that this could be our last kiss.
You ever think about looking past my flaws?
You ever think that maybe you were the cause?
I dont even care anymore, its not even worth the time.
I dont even stare anymore, cause you're no longer mine.
You promised me changes, but you stayed immature.
You promised me love, but now i need a cure.
You hurt me so much you cant even comprehend.
You hurt me so much you cant even pretend.
I'm so lost and confused, I don't know where we land.
I'm so hurt and depressed, I just wish you could understand.
I cant deny you, because you once were my everything.
I cant forget you, because you once made my heart sing.
I was so oblivious to the fact that you could brake my heart.
I was so blind to see that we were falling apart.
What ever happened to eternity, what happened to forever?
What ever happened to a family, and always staying together?
But I'm not playing your games anymore, because they're immature.
But I'm not looking at the past anymore, because there's a future.

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