July 1, 2009
By OneMoreWaywardPoet SILVER, Libertyville, Illinois
OneMoreWaywardPoet SILVER, Libertyville, Illinois
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"The world moves for love... It kneels before it in awe..."
- A quote from The Village

I walk slowly upon the dirt
The sky opens up and drops rain where I stand
Suddenly, the dirt is mud
It captures my feet
To move is to be stuck
Its cold and thick
The rain pounds on the surface
Loosening it's shape
Now it runs into my shoes
I move my toes
Exploring the sensation
It's unpleasant
I want to move
But I am trapped
And the rain falls harder
As I sink deeper
Now my knees are devoured
By the filthy, gluttonous muck
While the sludge licks at my thighs
I reach out
Above me
Around me
But nothing is there
A shiver crawls down my spine
For it has swallowed my my stomach
The pressure is unbearable
As it tightens around my ribcage
Squeezing every breath from my being
But now I realize
I am finished
For the mud won't quit
Not till it has buried me beneath it's murky surface
I cannot cry for help
It has taken my mouth
I cannot smell
It has taken my nose
I cannot hear
Now it is claiming my ears
Last are my eyes
I see nothing
I want to move
But I am trapped

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