Fast Lane

July 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Fast lane

The fast lane isn’t always good.
Cars blur past as you pick up speed.
The trees become green specks in your rearview mirror.

Living life in the fast lane,
Makes you pass things that you don’t want to pass;
Opportunities that shouldn’t be given up.

Life can blur past you in a matter of seconds,
But only if you let it.
You know the saying, “take time along the way to stop and smell the flowers”
Well, that saying is true.

If you don’t take your time to slow down in life,
Then people and opportunities pass you by.

Sometimes living life in the fast lane can be good,
But it is also a way of avoiding things.
You have to confront your problems and resolve them,
Otherwise they could get out of hand.

I find the middle lane to be a good place to be.
You can confront your problems and take up new opportunities.

You have to find which one is right for you.

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