Not Ready

July 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Not Ready
You called today.
Told me that we couldn’t keep doing this,
I didn’t know what to say.

I knew that you were right,
This has been going on to long.
I didn’t know what to do.

Not ready to tell you what I have to say.
What I say will hurt you.
And I can’t hurt you, no matter how many times you hurt me.

But you passed me the torch;
It was my turn to talk,
But I resort to being speechless, cause I don’t know what to say.

Not ready to say what’s on my mind,
Can’t say what’s on my mind.
At least not yet, not while all of this drama is going on.

What I have to say will hurt you,
Therefore it will hurt me more.
I hate the fact that you don’t understand, it would be a lot easier if you did.

But life has always thrown me the hardball.
I may be strong, but when it comes to you,
I am weak.

You may think that we can still have a relationship but we can’t.
You lost your chance with me, and I can’t give you another.

You passed the torch,
But I can’t take it; if I do it will ruin everything that I have worked for,
I will be setting myself up for pain that I can’t take.

So here’s to our relationship that will never be.
You passed the torch, but I can’t say what needs to be said.

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