July 1, 2009
By Anonymous


Their people who don’t care about what you look like
Or how popular you are,
But care about who you are inside
And don’t judge you by what’s on the outside.

Their people who are there for you no matter what.
Who you can tell anything to
And not have them freak out about things,
That others might freak out about.

Are people that will let you cry on their shoulder
Without an explanation as to why.
Their people who will make you laugh
When you don’t want to.

Friends are people that you fight with one day,
And the next, it’s like it never happened.
Their people that you could talk to for hours on end.
And when you are on the phone for hours
Your mom will threaten to hang up on them, cause it’s close to 11p.m.

Their people who will stand up for you in a fight
And if you get into trouble they’ll take the blame.
Their people who will tell you the truth,
Whether it’s good or bad,
And aren’t afraid tell you when you are full of it.

A friend is a person that you can tell everything to,
And fail to surprise them when you say something odd,
At least most of the time that’s true.
Their people allow you to rant on and on about things that bother you,
Without interrupting.

True friends are people that you can go without talking to for weeks
And then when you call them next,
It’s like no time has passed.
Their people that are rare in life,
So when you find a true friend, don’t let them go.

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