July 1, 2009
By Anonymous


Why do you get mad at me when I didn’t do anything?
When you get mad at me, you really should be mad at yourself.

Why do you continue to put me through pain,
when you already know that you are causing it.

You point your finger at me, but at least three more point back at you.
You try to make me feel sorry for you but,
Why should I feel sorry for you?

I am angry that I feel sorry for you, because I shouldn’t.
Why do I feel responsible?
Why do I feel so useless?

If you cause the pain when you are here,
Why do I still feel it when you’re gone?
How can you cause so much pain,
When I don’t even talk to you?

How can I feel so guilty, when it’s not my fault?
I can’t fix this,
And you aren’t willing to stop.
So what am I supposed to do?

I can’t be the bigger person anymore,
I can’t handle it.
It’s your turn.
I am tired.

I can’t take the pain of you anymore.
I have suffered through enough.
I don’t want to make you suffer,
But on the other hand I want to put you through what I went through.

I want you to regret what you did to me.
But first, in order to move on
I need to know,
Why did you do it?

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