Earth's Sorrow

July 2, 2009
By ClosetPoet GOLD, Burnsville, Minnesota
ClosetPoet GOLD, Burnsville, Minnesota
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The sun rises
A long, gentle kiss.

Th earth savors this,
Taking one last
Sip of her love
Before the daily farewell.

As they part,
She graces us all with
Her glorious warmth
We are the envy of the Earth.

His sorrow grows
With each passing second.

As she reaches her zenith,
It's seemin'
As though
She'll never return.

Noon passes,
Revitalizing this
Romantic's hope.

He pines for her warmth
As anticipation grips
Him to the core.

Her approach
Starts his heart
Beating faster
And faster,
As she draws nearer.

Nearer she floats,
Slowly caressing he horizon,
As Sun and Earth are
In a hot-pink blaze
Of fiery passion.

Exhausted from the day's work,
Yet satisfied, he becomes
Her refuge,
As she slips off
To sleep.

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