I am a Locker

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

I am a high school locker,
Not a puny little elementary locker,
I stand tall.
I have a combination only a couple of people know.
It changes from year to year as I grow and mature as a student.
Sometimes I'm open,
writing about anything and everything I can think of.
Other days I'm stubborn and not even a combination can get me to open up.
The person trying to get me open will soon quit
because their frustrated and have to get to class before the tardy bell rings.
Some days I'm a little bit rusty,
it takes a couple tries at the combination with a couple tugs and kicks.
Some days it requires a crow bar,
prying to get me to reluctantly open up.
Either way in the end I open up,
it just depends on the day and the way I'm feeling.
Some days I can produce a lot,
others only tiny meaningless pieces.
some pieces better than others,
some go immediately into the discard pile.

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