Too Tired Too Sleep

June 30, 2009
By Daephon BRONZE, Casper, Wyoming
Daephon BRONZE, Casper, Wyoming
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Sometimes, I'm so tired I can't get to sleep.
A fall, a curse, Oh, it doesn't matter anymore.
Because sometimes it's not that I'm tired-
It's my thoughts, leaves on a cold, broken wind

So maybe I don't want to sleep.
There's too much that sleep reveals,
Certainly more than I want to know
And I'm broken in more ways than you know-
But I won't tell you, you're not my therapist.

And maybe I am asleep, and just don't know.
It would be fitting, but dreaming doesn't hurt
I like to think I'll change, but I might not- so
I'll be quiet for now- but soon I'll be in the dirt

This is brought on by all you green eyed, blue eyed girls
But I'm sure you care as much as my bitter heart thinks you do
(Which is not a lot, believe me)
And your chorus' of silence can only attest to my correctness

So maybe I can't sleep because I'm as broken as a rusted fence
And I feel at a loss to explain my travels to this place
This broken down, hollowed out old cityscape
with all the metal shells and plastic shields

Foreign made protections for heartland problems,
I've lost myself and more importantly lost you
(But I lost you a long time ago already, anyway)
And so it is that I return with cracked bones and broken hearts
(My collection, painstaking hours of loving you)

And at last, I've found that peace that I deserve.
Because though I may be broken, One of many pieces on the ground
I still am one, a broken, a tired one, but one, nonetheless
And sometimes, I'm so tired, so broken, I can't sleep.

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