Why Passing out is Good MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

tolerant/blamingskin takes the 4 seasons of hatred repeatedly
as she crawls outside the sunhurts her hands
that shake and wipe the tears from her hurt eyes
her faceand heart and soul are hidden
afraid to come out of a safer place
forsurely they would be yelled at again
as she is being taught the wronglessons
she stays in her mind's eye and sees a beginning
smiling was safeback then
tears dried inside back then
she was a forgiving face
evenafter life
she would tell her listeners why passing out isgood.
"self-reflection tells passion fire
to understand herwings"
she would say with eyes and words behind years ofsuffering
when she was a child
she saw naive and innocent mothers andfathers
and would return to her circumstance
by herself
the silentscreams will continue
and fall upon invisible eyes and ears and mouths
whocan believe in her forever reality
once she lies still forever
in ashort-lived peace
this is how we listen, see, and speak.

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i love this so much!


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