June 30, 2009
By Anonymous

I close my eyes and lean back into his arms. He pulls me in as if I could never be close enough. For once in my life I feel peaceful, wrapped up in him, wrapped up wishing he’d never let me go and that we could just stay like this forever.

His hand travels softly up my side and his lips caress my neck, still I search to get closer, to know this feeling of joy better than I do now.

So close I can feel his body pulse, his heart beat beneath mine. I love this. I love knowing that as I get closer, our hearts beat faster as one, our breathes as one. I love knowing that when my eyes close I’m safe in his arms, whole, all of me in one place, in one moment of time.

In every wish I am fulfilled, closer to him with his smooth, warm skin and his perfect smile. In this I wish only to be closer and as he wraps his body around mine, I know he feels the same.

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