June 30, 2009
By nicole winch BRONZE, Loxahatchee, Florida
nicole winch BRONZE, Loxahatchee, Florida
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You can't replace a household pet
And when they pass another you'll get
The memories will fade
But you will still remember
The sad face they had
Before they were gone forever
People are different though
When They are gone too
You'll have greater memories
Like time at the zoo
You'll miss them so much you wont know what to do
Your life will be thrown off for a month or even two
You'll pick up the phone because your just thinking of them
Start to dial
But remember again
The person your trying to reach is not at the other end
And will probably be sad
Your life will go on
But you will still remember
All the good times you had
Spending time with each other

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem alittle after my grandmother passed away. It just sorta came to me one day.

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sue said...
on Jul. 8 2009 at 1:01 am
Perfect poem for a perfect number one girl! I LOVE YOU!

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