June 29, 2009
By natashajeanne1021 GOLD, Madelia, Minnesota
natashajeanne1021 GOLD, Madelia, Minnesota
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Time is an important thing but it is also the cause of a lot of pain;Some wish for it to go faster while others wish for it to go faster.Then there are those that wish it could just end. So enjoy the time in life you are given and don't worry so much.

You were there when we needed you the most.
And you hardly ever made a boast.
We all may not have said it too often or not but we all did love you in some way, shape or form!
We just hadn't noticed until we found out you were torn!

Now your probably asking yourself, "how is it you couldn't see that I was so torn?"
Well I guess we were all just too worn...
But there's no doubt in my mind that you'll be reborn!
Still there is no excuse for us to use for not realizing that you were torn!

Now we all must take some time to mourn, although I'm not so sure its what you'd want us to do.
We also must realize though that just because you have passed on doesn't mean that your truly gone.
And although your not with us physically, your are spiritualy to guide us through these hard times without you.
I mean we'll always think of you when we hear your favorite song!

We are truly sorry now we couldn't see you inside, to see that you were torn!
Or that we couldn't also see that you too were worn.
why couldn't you see how adorn you were?
But its all past and gone we can't go back now, but at least we know that you are now soaring with god and hopefully you are no longer torn!

Never feel as though no one loves you because truly you always have at least one person that loves you, the big guy your with.
So please even though it seems unfair you must know you truly are missed!
None of us can really believe that you really are gone it just seems so unfair, some people barley got to know you, for them we truly will mourn...
But I really am sorry I didn't see that you were so torn!

Even though we all love you so much and would love to have you back here with us, we know your better where you are now, up in heaven there.
And I realize that even though there were so many things I really wanted to say, I can still say them all I have to do is look up at the sky!
Now I truly realize what they mean by money can't buy you love, because it just truly can't be bought!


-in memory of Benjamin
-you will always be missed & always be loved, andin our hearts.

The author's comments:
i love to read and write poetry and stories. i love to play sports like golf, baseball, soccer,hockey, and love to swim. i have 4 dogs. i am 15 years old. i love to talk to people once i get to know them. and i love to draw!

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