June 29, 2009
By Anonymous

Wind, blow around me;
surround me in your gentle embrace;
sweep away my troubles and carry away my fears.

Sun, shine upon me;
warm my skin with your flames;
brighten my day and fight my darkness.

Earth, breathe into me;
make me marvel at your pure beauty;
make me come alive one more time.

Sea, show me your strength;
let your waters swell around me;
let me hear the anger of your waves as they crash upon the shore.

Rain, fall all over me;
mask my tears;
ice my skin with your droplets of cold.

Lightening, strike me down;
feed me your power;
let it flow through my veins, crackling like static on my fingertips.

Thunder, let me hear your roar;
make me shake with your might;
make me shiver in awe.

Snow, bury me down;
steal my warmth from me;
leave me to live with the icy shards of my broken heart
…or show me mercy and let me die in peace.

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