Old & Turning Around Corners

June 29, 2009
By relenanite BRONZE, Bailey, Mississippi
relenanite BRONZE, Bailey, Mississippi
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Who are you now?
through day the sky smiles, at night it weeps and bleeds
Still so it is with me
Love & memories don't fade,
my strength & surity grow
Inbetween the spaces that they shade.

I'm still finding my own grace
through what I've come to see-
that love is craven in it's order,
slow & swift, Inept & Keen
A gorgeous, filthy, starving creature
A life undefinable, without reason or ending,
no prescribed "meant to be"
still, there is the certain knowing
that loving you was meant for me.

Who are you now?
I think my soul would know
Remember when I spoke of being lost,
of centuries & turning around corners,
of us both growing old?...
Is that knowledge still there in the dark windows of your eyes?
will it etch into your skin,
leaving for love a map in those dear lines?

In autumn or winter, will you find your way back?
Love, I would wait Still Alone,
finding beauty & happiness within the snow,
so that, together, we could feel that certain summer once again.
The wind blows.
Who are you now?

The author's comments:
I wrote this about the dearest and most meaningful relationship in my life. People grow and change so much in life. Sometimes things become too complicated and you can no longer be together. Sometimes even though you care about someone you have go your seperate ways. But when you truly love someone, they become a part of your soul. Then there's always that feeling that maybe oneday, no longer how long it's been, you'll turn around and see them again. and in that moment it will almost feel as if no time has passed, as if time doesn't matter. This poem is about that. It's about the hope that Love can bring you back again.

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