Sweet Sorrow

June 30, 2009
By corbin SILVER, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
corbin SILVER, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
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tears wont fall.
life wont stop.
hearts wont break.

i still reach out.
feeling the empty air.
feeling for something that used to be there.

i miss that presence.
i don't want to forget your essence.

breath doesn't come easily.
my heart beats out of my chest.
my ears wait for your sweet voice.
existence holds no importance
i only live for remembering.
because my past now overtakes my present.
your return is merely a dream.
overdosing on memories only takes me farther into the numbness.

another day passes.
more people try to pull me out.
life is now a game.
how many people can i fool?

my hands shake.
the red ending is near.
im oblivious to words.
the look on your face stays with me.
but my lids are now closing, for the last time.

tears will fall.
life will stop.
hearts will break.

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