Sounds Collide (The Music of Life)

June 19, 2009
By e.l.o.r.a. BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
e.l.o.r.a. BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Pianos play,
Guitars strum,
Drums beat,
And voices sing.
But none of it matters.
The sounds collide,
Creating music.
The tune sticks in my head,
But this song is beautiful.
I like it there.

The cars zoom,
The motorcycles vroom,
The people talk,
And the wind swooshes.
But it doesn’t mix.
The sounds of the world play.
They circle me and everyone else.
It stays in my head,
Just as a memory.
I’ll keep it ‘til I reach my grave.

People breathe,
Children laugh,
Animals sound,
And life plays out.
But it will end eventually.
The music of life is made.
It’s pure improvisation,
No one knows what will happen next.
It lasts forever,
And no one can erase it.
But that’s why God created it.

Music slips from the speakers,
Laughter escapes the mouths,
Wind whooshes through windows,
And the sounds of life collide.
They make beautiful music.
Tunes stick in my head,
Never being erased completely,
And I’ll keep it all until I die.

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