Weather Insomniac

June 19, 2009
By Faeriedustygirl GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
Faeriedustygirl GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
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Winds start, the storm follows,
Sweet release to help swallow,
The pain, through the rain.
Thunder claps and lightning strikes,
Frightening, threatening the nights
Calm peace, only your words soothe me.

I listen through everything,
Anything you want, you need,
Not me.
I’ll never leave.
I’ve got no where else to be/go,
My heart too full,
It needs let out.
Open up these wounds,
Let me out.

The winds bring the storm,
Twisting the air, tornados form,
Don’t let go, I’ll bet you don’t want to go,
Go only if you need to
And every time it rains,
Don’t forget my name.

I listen through everything,
Anything you want, you need,
isn’t me,
But I’ll never leave.
My heart’s too full of you,
I need to let it out,
Open up these wounds, let me bleed.
Let me out.

Hurricanes will soon create,
A mess, perhaps by fate.
Monsoons swinging the trees,
Similar to the one holding me.
Feel the branch crack and fall,
But I never hit the ground.

Something from above,
Saved me, I call it love.

I listen through everything,
Anything you want and need,
Not me, but
I’ll never leave.

Winds start, the storm follows.
Sweet release to help swallow
The pain, through the rain,
Washes it away

The author's comments:
For Harry.

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