My Happiest Day in the year

June 19, 2009
By Anonymous

My happiest day is once a year
Which I will celebrates with no fear
The song began to start is what I hear
Which sang very clear by my dear.
That day must be nice
No twice in a year
The day which I stay near
My friends and my family.
That day is special for me
Coz we enjoy playing under the tree
And get a big hug and a huge kiss for my mom
And a beautiful presents from my dad

That day I must be happy
No angry with someone
When that day is gone
I will started to be sad.
The happiest day for me
Is the happiest time in my family
We enjoy eating together
And chatting to each other.
Sitting down under the trees
Eating many cookies
The great cake like a bainbow on the table
Decorated with colourful candles.

My happiest day travels so fast
But as long as I passed and happy
I will agree with that.
Guess what!!!
That day is my BIRTHDAY!!!...

The author's comments:
this is the rhyming poem.
I hope readers would like this.

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