June 19, 2009
By Kayla Franceschi SILVER, New York, New York
Kayla Franceschi SILVER, New York, New York
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Poets like me come from the darkest of corners.
Always so cold-hearted till its too late to defrost us
These pens seek some havoc to reek.
I've decided these old alleyways don't deserve my love
But I deserve to love them because they were my foundation.
I have seen these youths slather their minds on their walls so that they can reach their salvation.
I have leaned my head against the same spot that someones blood was spilt, to receive some illustrious knowledge from a girl whose entire life I built.
These are the great beauties of a city sinking underneath the scum at the bottom of a ship.
I forgot all of my frustrations, all of the stuff burrowing deep into my skin, as soon as she bit her lip.
Her smile was a freaking killer, I swear it made you wanna will her.
Coerce her into some illegal and unethical actions.
She keeps me running so far ahead of the world that when I stop I can still feel contractions.
I love her like she was the last breath of unsterilized air that I could breathe before committing myself to an entire life of complete sanity.
Like she was the last pair of beautiful, luscious lips that I could see before the end of vanity.
I love her just as much as I love these streets that push me off of their grounds just so I can come closer to surfacing the clouds.
More than enough to make it clear that I am an electron bouncing between the energy states that her love allows me to permeate,
and I only have two, death and loved.
These alleyways did not teach me how to fight love, they taught me how to fight hate and anger and now I am here waiting for my avenger.
Someone to come and save me from losing myself to the love that I sent her.

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