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June 19, 2009
By JurneeDuh BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
JurneeDuh BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
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The empty seat next to me.
it makes me think
whiat if. Sayvon didn't die?
What if Mario didn't die?
What if Tashi didn't die?
What if. What If. What if they didn't die?

Would they be in this empty seat next to me?
What if. What If...
Mario didn't go to the party?
What if Sayvon spent the night at a friends?
What if Tashi would have let some one else drive?
What if? What if?

What if I go home today and no one is there?
What if I take my own life. just like Carl did?

What if. What If.

You wouldn't have a dead gomie, or a dead mother, or a dead friend, or a young one dead.
What if Some one was there for Carl?
What if Some one told Tashi to let them drive?
What if They told Sayvon to go hangout?
What if they TOLD Mario to go home early?

What if. W-H-A-T I-F?

The author's comments:
I wrote this June 3rd 2009 and these are the deaths among my city that I feel I was most affected by. Although I didn't know all of them all. It made me feel away that some one who didn't know them.Could have saved there lives. What if some one spoke up? What if.... What if.

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