Holding on to let it go

June 19, 2009
By Casey Loew GOLD, Newport, New Jersey
Casey Loew GOLD, Newport, New Jersey
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Hold back and Hold on tight
This time your life depends on it
Don’t let go,
Your slipping, but your whole life’s
In front of you
Your dreams and your hope
All fall to the ground
Your past fogs your eyes
You can’t see through this
I watch as tears roll down your cheeks

Let go!
You can’t
You don’t know how
I try to give you my hand
Don’t you see everyone that loves you?
But you only see the lies they told
You that made you this way in the first place

I seen them the scars
That fill your fists
You can’t break through these walls
I know you can get through this
I watched you stand up for yourself
And fight for what you believe

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