My Heart Shattered

June 19, 2009
By brooklynmorris98 BRONZE, Osceola, Indiana
brooklynmorris98 BRONZE, Osceola, Indiana
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My heart shattered,

Like broken glass.

My mind went blank,

Like a sheet of paper.

My perseverance disappeared,

Like a magic trick.

I though you knew,

Like everyone else did,

As the rumors ran quickly down my spine.

Can I get out of this situation?

My story was unknown,

Like and unpublished book.

My life went different ways,

Like a fork in the road.

Who was I?

Who are you?

The wall inside me fell,

Like a slinky down a flight of stairs.

I didn’t want to be frightened anymore.

So I swallowed my sorrow and awoke from my dream.

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