Staring Contests

June 19, 2009
By Anonymous

hesitantly looking into my green eyes,
you tell me you see so much more
than i could ever come to know
that you love the little things they ignore
more than you'll ever show

naturally, i don't believe you, i never do
but now you're going to prove yourself
like i know you always do,
but i never turn down a challenge
so we both silently say we won't
be the one to look away first.

staring contests are nothing for me
'cause i can hide anything, you see.
i could look you in the eye
and tell you that i'm alright.
then you might say it back, but
you know i have a way of catching your lies.

staring contests are nothing for me
'cause i can keep quiet about anything.
even on the days we talk for hours
and stay up way too late into the night,
because we want to climb the highest towers
though we never reach the top, c'ause I fear the sky.

staring contests are nothing for me
'cause i can play a character in endless scenes
and deliver their lines pitch-perfectly
my voice doesn't falter, and my eyes don't change
you should know by now that i always win this game.

staring contests are nothing for me
'cause i play off of people's emotions, see.
i take them and twist them so it seems
that everything is perfect for me.
and you don't dare to disagree
because i can turn it around faster
than you would even see.

staring contests used to be so easy
but you know me so much better
than i ever thought you'd come to see
and now i know that you knew
that this was never really easy.

It's dark outside; it's late tonight
and there's not enough time before daylight
to tell you everything i thought i could hide
and even though the stars chose not to shine,
somehow you still manage to catch my eye
and i know we're in for a very long night.

so i looked away.

The author's comments:
I was listening to Iris, and Name by the Goo Goo Dolls when I write this.

For the friends that know you better than anyone else...

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