June 19, 2009
By punk_princess29732 SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
punk_princess29732 SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
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what is love really about
is it just a feeling inside
is it when you can trust someone beyond any doubt
or is it when you can be yourself and not have to hide
is love about learning to give a second chance
is it the feeling you get after a first kiss
is it the excitement you feel during a slow dance
or is it when youve found someone you will always miss
to me, love is all the memories i have with you
its those fast rides together on the jet ski
when we fell off with our clothes on and how far we flew
and jumping back on again, i have never felt so free
its those long, late nights we spend together
its the adventures and troubles we got into
i only wish that they could last forever
because i never want to have to be away from you
its that night you were driving and we barely got away
its that kiss on my forhead and the look in your eyes
its when you hold me tight right where i want to stay
its the trust we share so we dont live behind lies
its the way you always take care of me
its the things you always do
that make it so clear, even a blind man can see
the love we share between us it true
now when i wonder what love is about
i just have to think about all the things we do
because in my mind i know without a doubt
that love is everything between me and you

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