June 19, 2009
By punk_princess29732 SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
punk_princess29732 SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
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You wake up in the morning and can tell that its going to be another bad day
But its not just a series of bad days that you have been going through, but a time of testing
I knew that you would go through this hardship before you were even born
And i put this time before you so that your light would shine through me
I would not put you through something that I knew you would not be able to make it out of
And i would not test you in a way that I knew you would fail in
But as your times get worse, and things seem to be going away, you and I are getting closer
So be strong my child for I am with you and you will never had to be without me
Just look up to the heavens and remember that I am watching out for you and have a plan and a purpose
So slow down, take a breath, be still and know that I am God

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