Special Someone

June 19, 2009
By punk_princess29732 SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
punk_princess29732 SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
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Why are we always looking for love
When in the end it always hurts us
Then sometimes we feel
Like we just got run over by a bus

No matter how bad it hurts
We always continue to look
For that one perfect relationship
That is described in a children's book

We know we will end up getting hurt
Each time a little more than before
Slowly mending our broken hearts
That the previous person just tore

We eventually move on
And get together with another person
Thinking that everything will be perfect
Then out of the blue our luck will worsen

Searching harder and harder for that special someone
And then when it is right at our finger tips
Something has to go wrong
And off into the darkness it slips

But we cannot give up hope
Because somewhere out there is Mr. or Mrs. Right
And for that one person
We must continue to fight

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