June 19, 2009
By Alexandra Hernandez GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
Alexandra Hernandez GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
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Tell me why you waited
if i could i would bloom now
Tell me how it felt when you broke free
so many of us want to know,but maybe we already know what its like cause we feel that on the inside-its just that people dont see it on the outside
Tell me how you felt with your new wings
I bet kids right out of high school feel like they have wings,feel like they're at the top of the mountain until they roll down the hill to college
Tell me were you afraid to fly
I think all of us were,its new and different-
but just because we might be scared to fly or we fell on our first time doesnt mean we shouldn't try or stop trying before we reach
Tell me do you still fly
even if its hard,do you still listen to the desire of your wings and your love for the sky and open air
Tell me you'll be here for me when I fall
and when i fly
Tell me you'll listen when I tell you the story of me
from caterpillar to butterfly

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