June 19, 2009
I wonder how I made it to the place I stand
The small place I now take in your life
And I watch you from the backgrounds now
Only thinking
Like seconds ago it was
I held you in my arms
Like seconds ago
I was the reason behind your smile
Whilst most people didn’t dare whisper forever
We screamed like it was real
Almost as real as the day it was blown away
You said that you’d never change
But all the things that you are
Slowly fade away
And I find myself looking straight through you
Searching for the missing you
My heart holds tightly to
Whilst you set fire and burn what you were
Eliminating all that you gave me
The words that you carved
That entwined my life and yours
Stepping across the ashes
as I stare at the emptiness
of a stranger that’s you
your egotistical self
your callous attitude
your abhorrence
your ignorance
your arrogance
Reshape your existence
And so you become nobody
I have not the choice
But to turn the other cheek
Remembering I still have you
You; that love fell for
You; I stole
You; that time won’t burn
‘Cause you can never burn my heart out

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