from the day i met you

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

From the day I met you,
You were a nice, kind, friend
I didn’t think of you a s someone who was
mean, sloppy, or stuck up
I thought of you as a friend that listened to me
when I needed to clear my mind
but now cause of you I can no longer do that
when I look at you I see a person who always needs attention
when they are in the background of a conversation
and when you didn’t hear the whole story you would beg to hear the rest.
But I bet when you see me you see a person who is not afraid to
Flirt with a guy or maybe even ask a guy out
Whether it’d be for me or for a friend when they are shy
When I look at you I see a girl who is in need of a friend,
But sometimes I wonder why that is and
I wonder why all your friends left you For me.
But when I think of the reason I know that you were a BACKSTABBER
And all your friends had seen that. And because of the we will no longer be friends.
And when you see me in the hallway I don’t wanna talk to you or look at you
Because of the way you treat your friends.
And the way you disrespect them when you trying to flirt.

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