Not Alone

June 29, 2009
By BlackRoses SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
BlackRoses SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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You're intoxicated by my very prescence.

The wind blows through my fingers
My hair, flailing in the wind lingers
I stand outside, pursing my lips
As the wind on my face, whips

The children playing around the grounds
I watch them, as the sun goes down
Their parents leaving, kids following
I watch them and say nothing

The grounds, slowly disappearing
The silence, I’m only hearing
I stand there, watching nothing now
My lips stay silent, no sound.

The wind blows quickly now
And I shiver, as the sun is now down
I look around; no one comes to get me
I wrap my arms around myself, feeling lonely.

I look up at the night sky
Taking out a small little sigh
Will I be able to do this alone
Or will I not be able to do anything, away from my home

Something soft touches my arm
And I whirl around, with alarm
I look up at a big dark figure
And as I look at them, I shiver

I don’t know who you are,
But on my heart that small little scar
It knows, I’m not alone
I take your hand and we walk home

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