Endless Melody

June 29, 2009
By Anonymous

In this crowd I am lost. This crowd of noise. My eyes dart around overwrought. I glimpse angry faces and glares. My head is a mess. An entanglement of persuasion and belief. In the middle of this crowd. I cry for you. A cry that cannot be heard. But somehow you hear me and you take me away. You take my hand and lead me away. Down the right path. I falter behind, but you don’t let me go. Instead, you pull me closer and transfix my attention. You hold me tight and my world is quiet. The voices of doubt and dejection fade and angry faces disappear. My cloudy eyes come into focus and all I wanna see is you. I look into your eyes, those eyes that stare back at me. You see past my tears, into my soul and you see the girl that is inside. Your presence ensconces me. My trembling nerves calm and my crowded head ceases to buzz. My collapsing head falls onto your shoulder and I breath release. All is calm when I am in your arms, those arms that are always open. In this moment of solace. You say that your arms have never felt so full. I say that my heart has never felt so empty. Stark of sadness and worry. Empty of despair. And in my ear you whisper. Those words that take my breath away and deprive me of doubt. Those words that surge into my heart with ease, and tug at my emotions. I love you, you say. Your love echoes in my mind. A limitless crescendo. A perpetual melody. A melody that mirrors my thoughts and syncs with my mind………………….

I love you too

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on Jul. 17 2009 at 5:08 am
Annie Kraus BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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really great

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