June 29, 2009
By relenanite BRONZE, Bailey, Mississippi
relenanite BRONZE, Bailey, Mississippi
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Eve, My Mother, Myself reflected, Tell me- What did you feel, In that dark moment, As horror met truth, The dawn of your realization? Innocence lost, Perfect peace torn. Did you, in an instant, feel the sharp edge, the ache, that keen snese of loneliness? I know what it is to feel, in a second, the weight of your own failures, The guilt of all you've done. And the loss of who you could be. But could you tell me Eve- recall, reach back, touch memory- What does it feel like to be good, To know that you're clean? I have never felt whole, To be so pure, So soft and gentle- I ache for what we were before the fall, A completeness I dream of though I've never known. I search for Eden, for Adam by my side. But the weight of our faults creates this seperation. My mother, I can understand your guilt. I search for heaven through our father shared, To return one day to that peace that was lost to us all. Perhaps then I will rest in your arms, Look into your eyes, and feel the peace you know- To finally know myself as well. Eve, My mother, myself reflected.

The author's comments:
I remember when I wrote this poem. I was thinking about life and heaven. I felt such a deep sadness. It's so hard not to feel lost in this world, not to feel torn down by the horror and hate and confusion all around us. for me, as a woman especially,I beleive we all have this nurturing, vulnerable side of ourselves that longs to be tender and good, but the hatred and pain in the world tells us we shouldn't. It tells us that we have to be hard and callous defensive to protect ourelves. In time it can change us so much that we find oursleves doing and feeling things so opposite of who we were when we started out in life, full of love, hope, and innocence. I was feeling that, and feeling the guilt of all the horrible things i see, more even than just what I myself have felt or done, after all we are all connected and we all have a responsibilty help create a good world. I imagined what Eve must have felt about it all, and it took my breath away. It is probably the first time a woman in history has resonated with me so strongly. Through it all I felt, beyond the sorrow, her empathy and grace. In it I found Hope, and that's what I wanted to share in this poem. Despite the pain, I think we can all bring so much good into the world if we just embrace the empathy and wisdom of Eve that lives within us all. To me she is more than just a woman in an old bible story. She is a reflection of the best, the worst, and the opportunity for redemption in us all.

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