June 29, 2009
Eve, My Mother, Myself reflected, Tell me- What did you feel, In that dark moment, As horror met truth, The dawn of your realization? Innocence lost, Perfect peace torn. Did you, in an instant, feel the sharp edge, the ache, that keen snese of loneliness? I know what it is to feel, in a second, the weight of your own failures, The guilt of all you've done. And the loss of who you could be. But could you tell me Eve- recall, reach back, touch memory- What does it feel like to be good, To know that you're clean? I have never felt whole, To be so pure, So soft and gentle- I ache for what we were before the fall, A completeness I dream of though I've never known. I search for Eden, for Adam by my side. But the weight of our faults creates this seperation. My mother, I can understand your guilt. I search for heaven through our father shared, To return one day to that peace that was lost to us all. Perhaps then I will rest in your arms, Look into your eyes, and feel the peace you know- To finally know myself as well. Eve, My mother, myself reflected.

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