how's it feel?

June 28, 2009
how does it feel to know that the person that's suppose to love you the most hates everything about you,
how does it feel to know that your smile, your eyes, your hair makes her hate you even more,
knowing that there's nothing you can do to get back a love that was never there,
it wasn't there when you were born,
or when you started to walk and talk,
it wasn't thereon your first day of kindergarten, or your first day of high school,
it wasn't there in all those memories, in the horrible moments or the good,
how does it feel to cry yourself to sleep,
to try and forget the pain,
how does it feel to have an empty space in your heart where the love is missing,
what if you died tomorrow,
would she care,
would she realize what she lost,
will she cry for you or sit like a stone,a cold hard ice cube,
will she care that your not around,
will the pain of looking in your room without you in it melt the ice between you,
or will she freeze up even more,
how could the person you call your mother not even cry when your gone,
how does it feel to have your mother hate you for just being you?

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