June 28, 2009
By Hayley Blatus SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Hayley Blatus SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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If there is one thing i have learnd in life it is that the people that mean the most are the one's who have been around the longest and the one's you know the least about. These people are grandparents. Grandparents are like icing on a chocolate cake, without them your life is just costant motion and no meaning, or your cake is just a lump of sugar. These are the people who will be around for the shortest amount of time, hugh yu may think they are eternally yours. They are the one's who will teach you the most useful and wise lessons, thee arethe lessons you will use throughout your life. Grandparents are like the first snow storm, they bring the same joy nd excitment, the first storm brngs to a child hoping for no school. Like snow frandparents always leave their mark whether it be a secret recipe, a prayer you wouldn't have learned without them, or something simple like the legacy of heir voice playing over and over in your head. But like snow grandparents can not be brought back once they are gone. Though this is far from the en, because as we all know the snow always falls again.

The author's comments:
My grandparents have guided me and support everrything i do espically my garandmother who recently passed away she was my bestfeiend and i could tell heranything, we often ate dinner together and watched wheel of fortune. I miss her more everyday.

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