The Pretender

June 28, 2009
By Gabrielle Clemens BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
Gabrielle Clemens BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
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The pretender laughs and smiles
She does as she is told
The pretender holds her composure
Not showing her true self
The pretender does not cry
She must be strong and brave
The pretender is perfect
She's fooled everyone so well
But the pretender screwed up
She let her guard down
She couldn't stand all the rage rising inside her
The pretender now cries herself to sleep
She never wanted to be alive in the first place
The pretender is weak and has shut down
She's revealed her true self and now wants to drown
The pretender is gone
She has changed so much and is now full of hate
Shes is dangerous
So violent and deadly
Anyone who crosses her path is sure to die
The pretender is me

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