Learning Not to Look

June 28, 2009
By Krysta_Michelle GOLD, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
Krysta_Michelle GOLD, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
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Ugly lies can make quite a pretty disguise
Words twist, until their meaning is missed
Repeated deceptions and again missed connections
False love starting, then instantly parting

Her fears are confirmed by far more than only tears
Continual cheating since beyond their first meeting
Bonds meant to be broken, memories as her only token
He’s far from reliable, with the ladies being viable

Hearts went on cracking, whilst her sobs were entirely racking
Lies chasing love away, fading by each and every day
Suspected lies coming true, the girls coming forth too
Laughter cannot be heard, the idea alone is quite absurd

She didn’t love, it wasn’t wished by those above
Again she chose to try, which again led to good bye
Relationships that will not last, quickly trying to rush past
She takes a break from guys for awhile, later walking down the isle

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