Love Soles

June 28, 2009
By Hillary Mullan BRONZE, Winchester, Massachusetts
Hillary Mullan BRONZE, Winchester, Massachusetts
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Millions of shoes,
Walking down 5th avenue
Red heels
Brown loafers
Dirty sneakers
Converse, Adias, Nike
Walking, flowing moving together
A wave
They do not look at each other
Their faces are still
No emotion just movement
The shoes
Walk by.
Dirty clean new old
They lift and fall
Lift and fall
Falling and lifting
Moving straight
Eyes ahead
The people move
Hearing nothing seeing nothing living nothing.

And yet your feet are bare.
They are not protected by rubber soles
Or guarded by sharp heels
They feel
They touch
They dance
You do not move down 5th avenue
You swirl
Bumping laughing
Feet indented by small rocks on the pavement
You are alive.
And I can feel it
With each step each tiptoe
Your heart glows
And in your light, in your rays
I grow
I bloom
Stand by me golden nymph
Let me feel your real feet
Soft and calloused
Blistered and bruised
They are alive
Like nothing else that moves
Each footprint is a painting
Each footfall is a song
And I try to gather them
In my hands
In my ears
But they escape me
Sand blows, horns sound
And the moment runs

Let your feet dance by my side
So that as each step disappears
A new one comes
Alive and breathing
A new chance
A new opportunity
To know you
To touch you
To love you

Let me be your sidewalk
Or a carpet your way
And as you move
Let me move with you
Feet to feet
Hands in hands
Breathing your life
Cradling your soles

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