June 28, 2009
By GabbyB SILVER, Lexington, Massachusetts
GabbyB SILVER, Lexington, Massachusetts
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What was I supposed to do?
Stand there in cry
Like nothing was wrong?
Even though,
All I could feel was your hands
Slowly moving up and down my body
While tears slowly ran down my cheeks
And I felt,
Everything and everyone that surrounded me
Faded away into places that have yet to be found
I would look out the window
And watch the cars fly by
I could only pray that I wouldn’t see you.
You’re like a ghost that haunts me
And follows me everywhere I go
Whenever I turn around
You vanish.
Then you come back to haunt me again.
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
But no knows
The pain I feel inside
I’m afraid to feel free, or even be me.
I feel...
Trapped in a world,
That betrayed me.
So please stop judging...
Because I’m not you.
And just because I come off strong,
Doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong…

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