Suit of Honesty

June 27, 2009
By L.E. Breish BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
L.E. Breish BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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And I know honesty
is not your strong suit
but the tie matches
and so we gild.

You took
your mother's recipe
for a shallow
grouping of
someone else's lyrics.

Well they still believe
in your words
even if your heart's
far from the epicenter.
to your own tragic fall.
I call it structured irony.

Remove your jacket
and we see you're only
in this for the admittance.
Because after all
scars do sell well.

My ankles
would remain
bone dry
in your runny
Your meters
are inches.

Say you loved her
say how you feel
just one more time
and so help me
some certain deity,
I'll take your pants
and let them all know
just how far you were
from striking
any sort of nerve
any type of line.

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