I am From...

June 27, 2009
By Anonymous

I am from rigorous swing set obstacles

from the frog-filled pond across the lake

from the little pine tree and back

from mighty castles with blanket walls

from under bright sparkling stars of the Christmas tree

I am from being blissfully unaware

from being nieve and innocent minded

from a ruse awakening to an unrealistic dream

I am from screamed lies

from slammed downs

from broken walls

from locked doors

from hateful tears

I am from pretending to be strong

from pretending it's ok

from pretending I could handle it

I am from playing mom when mom wasn't around

from late nights keeping kids calm

from trying my best to make things right

I am from being alone in a dark room

from sleepless nights with soaked pillowcases

from not knowing what to do

from no one to talk to, no one to help

I am from always scared

from always worried

from always doubtful
I am from never trusting

from never understanding

from never healed

The author's comments:
This was an assignment in my 10th grade english class. Sorry if there are any misspellings.

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