June 27, 2009
By Ian LaCasse BRONZE, Jaffrey, New Hampshire
Ian LaCasse BRONZE, Jaffrey, New Hampshire
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The sound drags me across the floor
Relenquishing sanity for the sake of a tears,
You speak of reality like it means something
The pool ferments, the light gleams in the forest
The light shines on plaster skies, a world contained
The question of sanity rings louder and louder
Concrete meets the ashen white, she awakens at last
The quality of the air is flawless, beyond mere man
An answer which no one sought has escaped us
What has escaped us? Should we give chase?
Cold textures seem so welcome
I'll decide when I can
Whispering the imagery in my mind, I'll relenquish all resistence.
The traces of the nightmare rise once more, I give in to all that
Has been
Will Be
I will sleep
Mortality returns
The day is gone
What has been once lost has finally come home
It's come home at last

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