I can make a difference

June 27, 2009
By DarlingAngel SILVER, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
DarlingAngel SILVER, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
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Bright, sunny morning
Whispering Cries
I'll always love you
Daddy Goodbye

There stood a boy
Now a man
Leaving his family
Deployed from his land

Didn't know what to say
To his wife and baby girl
Till he looked at their smile
And knew they were his world

He turned to his love
Kissed her sweet lips
Told her he'd comeback
Take care of their kid

Gave his baby a hug
Wiped her eyes
Daddy will be back
Please honey don't cry

As he spoke those words
The look in their eyes
The sweet, tender tears
Fell down and they cried

He whispered soft and sweet
Kissed his baby's cheek
Promised them promises
He wasn't sure he could keep

He picked up his bags
Walked towards the plane
Took back a quick glance
And saw in her face

I can make a difference
We told you to believe
Sweetheart you'll do fine
I know you have to leave

I know you are strong
A hero in my eyes
I will always love you
Fight for our pride

Your the boy all grown up
Loving and kind
Sweet caring smile
You'll be back love, don't cry

I'll take care of our little angel
Be true to who you are
Your our princess's daddy
I know you won't be too far

A war has begun
A soldier you'll fight
To our country you'll become
What we know you are inside

Fly off to the clouds
You'll hear our baby laugh
Get on that plane
She knows you'll come back

See the stars above
A kiss from me to you
Fight for this country
Making a difference is what you'll do

So fight for your friends
Fight for the war
Fight for the loved one
that's never too far

And in that glance
The hope in her eyes
He climbed on the plane
And flew towards the sky

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