It's Not Worth It

June 27, 2009
By BabyDoll1024 BRONZE, O&#39fallon, Missouri
BabyDoll1024 BRONZE, O&#39fallon, Missouri
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It's not worth it;
The pain of never knowing,
The constant what if's,
Wondering how long it'll last.
It's not worth it;
Getting hurt,
Getting Lied to,
Getting taken for a fool.
It's not worth it;
To want you,
And know you're with her.
It's not worth it.
Is she worth it?
Is she worth it; to lose everything,
To lose the one you claim to love,
To waste your life on,
Is she worth getting in trouble for?
Risking your life,
Being blind to the people who love you most,
It's not worth it.
Is she?

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